Rebelution is currently on tour for their new album "Free Rein". ALL TOUR DATES

LOCATION - Pacific Amphitheater, Costa Mesa CA 

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Openers for Rebelution include, Dj Mackle , Zion-I , Common Kings , Stephen Marley.

Common Kings

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Common Kings came out after Zion-I and did not miss a beat while getting the crowd ready for Stephen Marley and Rebelution. Not only were they one of the supporting acts but they were also celebrating the release of their new EP ONE DAY, AVAILABLE HERE


Here they are performing "Marry Wanna" from their album Lost In Paradise

Stephen Marley

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Following a great set by Common Kings, Stephen Marley came out and did not Disappoint the crowd. Stephen performed original songs but did not fail to include some of Bob Marley's Classic Songs.. Video Below is of Stephen Marley Performing "Stir It UP" 


Now for the headliners of the show. The theater goes dark for a moment and you can feel the anticipation of the crowd who have been drinking and smoking in preparation for the better part of the concert grow, when the stage suddenly glows with blue lights as they walk out to perform. ( VIDEO BELOW)

Through out their set they were playing songs from previous albums while also including their newest songs from their new album "Free Rein"  (AVAILABLE HERE). The even mix of new and old songs made sure that the fans would not leave disappointed. at the end of their set they brought out Common Kings to to close out the show. (VIDEO BELOW)


As you can already tell from the previous clip above, the crowd still was not quite ready to go home.  The cheers and thunderous sounds of hands clapping against the seats was enough to bring the band back out for a few more songs and some free Frisbee for the lucky fans who caught one.. before i leave you with the clip, i would highly recommend seeing any of these bands. Go ahead and check out the rest of the Tour Dates ( Link Here) and pick up some tickets.  You will have a great time.  

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Jose Anaya,Writer and Podcaster
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