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98.7 Big Adventure Festival

Where do I start?…. Well this was my first ever concert/ comic convention like event I ever covered, I have covered many Comic conventions for over 6 years, and well I got to say Alt. 98.7 Big Adventure Festival was a nice change from all the others, lots of entertainment and a variety of things to hit up. You had stand-up comedy/concert stage in one area, a cosplay area, a comic exhibition at another and also an entertainment stage covering shows and podcasts and many others. I was very excited for the first day of the two day event, I got to see some old friends and made some new friends, got to see some amazing stand-up from Patton Oswald and Jim Jefferies whom I never thought I would get to see on stage but now I have and also seeing other amazing comedians.

I also hit up the Artist Alley stage, it was most interesting as they had panels such as music influencing comics, Image Comics live draw, and Breaking into Comics, got to hear from comic book artists and writers on how they got their start in the industry. The exhibition was like a mini comic con, with many artists and merchandise you can get at the booths, I saw many of my friends that I made at past comic conventions at booths promoting their awesome work. Not only the event was promoting a Comic Con/ music event, you also had the crowd participating in the cosplay a well, seeing Spider-man, Super Mario, and many others at the event playing video games at the arcade area and other participants checking out the Larping area (Role play sword fighting).

When I first saw the line up for the bands that were playing on stage each night I had no clue on who the bands were. I only knew two such as Modest Mouse and Cold War Kids because of radio hits, So when I saw the many bands that played at the event such as Echos, Party Nails, Phantogram, and Empire of the Sun, I was so blown away from the performances that I added them on my Spotify playlists. All and all the event was amazing and a great change from other comic conventions that i have been to and I cannot wait for the 2nd annual of Big Adventure Festival.

Comic Realm with Tiffani

Tiffani Jaramillo

An Evening with Kevin Smith at San Diego Comic Con 2018

On July 21, 2018, Saturday evening in Hall H of San Diego Convention, Kevin Smith hosted an unforgettable night, starting off with Kevin receiving the Comic-Con International’s Inkpot Award, presented by Director of Programming Eddie Ibrahim. Kevin given the award, it was a very special moment for him, for the award meant a lot as he thanked all of his fans and Comic-Con International for the support that was given to him.  As he reminisced about his career and how grateful he was, he talked about his recent health incident. The Widowmaker that almost took his life, he gave the audience a detailed story of what had happened and what the doctor diagnosed, and talked about his fear of death at first and referenced it to the comic book story of Sandman written by Neil Gaiman and came to the conclusion that he would have left the world satisfied, because accomplished and followed his dream and made it into a career that he loved.

Towards the end of his story, he gave his respects to the late Jon Schnepp who recently died and Kevin Smith gave a moment of silence to pay tribute to a fallen friend. Smith then lightens the mood talking about some of his projects, including the one that everyone is waiting for; Jay and Bob the Reboot, which production has started. Also Hollyweed, a new series and Kevin’s first lead role. He gave the audience a full screening of the pilot episode, the show is run through streaming service Rivit Tv, a new way of streaming, which Rivit Tv promotes the pilot and gives the show 45 days to raise money from fans for a new episode, so it is up to fans to keep Hollyweed alive! Go check out Rivit Tv and donate to Kevin Smith’s new series!

Thank you to Rivit Tv for inviting All About Entertainment Network and Comic Realm with Tiffani Podcast to Hall H with Kevin Smith!

Check out the Hollyweed pilot episode free, click the link below:

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Tiffani Jaramillo ( Comic Realm with Tiffani)