REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN Hits Theaters This Weekend


DC’s Reign of the Supermen will hit theaters for one weekend only before arriving on home media on January 14.

The animated adaptation of the DC Comics story of the same name is a follow up to last year’s animated “Death of Superman” which in turn was an animated adaption of a DC comics arc that ran through several Superman titles in the early 90s.

The original “Death of Superman” story told the epic tale of Superman’s tragic demise after defeating Doomsday, a creature genetically-engineered to be Superman’s ultimate foe. The story was first adapted into the Superman: Doomsday animated film in 2007, which only loosely followed the original version. Aspects of the story were again adapted in the 2016 live action film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 2018’s animated Death of Superman has been the truest adaptation so far, however, closely following the source material.

Reign of the Supermen tells the story of what comes next, as four new super heores rise in the absence of Superman.

Reign of the Supermen hits theaters on January 12.


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Patrick Bonfrisco, writer & podcaster.

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