Cobra Kai at Wonder Con 2019

Show No Mercy! a saying in Cobra Kai and I cannot wait for Season 2 to start, April 24th! Not only am I excited for the new season, but I was super stoked to have the opportunity to meet and talk with some of the cast members of Cobra Kai. What’s to come for Season 2, well from where we left off the rivalry has just begun with Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) but also don’t forget about the Cobra Kai team vs Miyagi-Do, as Daniel LaRusso opens up Mr. Miyagi home as a dojo for his team with Robby Keen (Tanner Buchanan) and Samantha LaRusso (Mary Mouser) and also new members.

Our first interview was with the Series Creators/Executive Producers Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, not only they were big fans of growing up with Karate Kid movies, but they also talked about creating the series, why they chose to take a different perspective on the continued story. Also gave an insight of which Karate Kid movie was their favorite. We might see some characters from the past in Cobra Kai as well…

We got to interview Xolo Maridueña who plays Miguel Diaz, a character that whom is not so popular and had dealt with some bullying and became Johnny Lawrence first student at Cobra Kai dojo. We talked about his experience on set, the training for the series. Although he says he is not a professional trained fighter as his character, he does have excellent reflexes.

Jacob Bertrand aka Robby “Hawk” Keen one of the most fast evolving character, from shy quiet bullied kid to a mohawk tattooed karate student, Cobra Kai dojo definitely boosted the character’s self esteem. But it won’t be the last we see the character evolve in the series little hints from Jacob Bertrand were suggested in the interview, so we will see soon on what’s to come! especially that he may have spoiled that there could be a Season 3 in the works!

The notorious character from the Karate Kid series has finally joined the Youtube series Cobra kai Martin Kove aka John Keen, to be honest when he came up to our table I was a bit intimidated because he has such piercing eyes, but he is really and truly a sweet guy. During the interview he told us about his career as an actor and a bit of behind the scenes of The Karate Kid, how he was separated from the kids on set just to make more intimidating the young cast. He also talked about how he and William Zabka were trying to write out a script way before the Cobra Kai series had started, of their characters coming back together and of course talks about the relationship of Johnny and John and how it may resurface in the second season.

Last but not least William Zabka, not only he was excited and grateful for Cobra Kai to happen but also talked about the relationship with the two characters of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence and what the future will hold for Cobra Kai, and of course we talked about the famous theory of Johnny Lawrence being the REAL Karate Kid and that Daniel LaRusso was the Real bully in the movie, he very obliged by the theories that spread like wildfire. He also spoke about his scene on How I Met Your Mother after the interview when he revealed himself on Barney’s birthday and it was all done in one take, he was told he only had one chance to get it right with his lines and taking of the clown makeup and costume! sadly we didn’t get it on film, but it was pretty cool to hear about that scene.

I Am The Night: Phenomenon Interference

Since Episode one of I AM THE NIGHT premiered last Monday, Im sure many of you have done your research about the characters that are based in this series. Fauna Hodel is a real person! She was adopted by a black family after birth and lived as a mixed race individual until she went searching about her real family. George Hodel is also a real person as well who is played by Jefferson Mays, a Los Angeles Doctor who was involved in many scandals and infamous for illegal abortions. Jimmie Lee is another real person, who in fact adopted Fauna from her birth mother Tamar Hodel. Sadly Jay Singletary is a fictional character and not a real person.

Fauna Hodel finally arrives at Los Angeles, staying with relatives as she tries to contact her grandfather, but instead gets in contact with Corinna Hodel (Connie Nielsen) wondering why she looks so familiar, Connie Nielsen also starred in Patty Jenkins popular movie Wonder Woman as Queen Hippolyta. Warning Fauna to “Stay away because he is a dangerous man.” but that doesn’t stop her from trying to get in touch with her Grandfather. Cut to Jay Singletary continues working on the pursuit of the Bloody Romero, but still cannot let of a story that wrecked his career.

Fauna gets in contact again with Corinna Hodel and meets up at her house, she later learns that her mother Tamar Hodel is dead, but Fauna feels that it is entirely untrue. Corinna takes Fauna to a museum, as Fauna wanders the gallery, she runs into a mysterious man and later Corinna reveals a fact about Fauna that can’t believe. Until next week we will see what will Fauna do in her quest to find her Grandfather and her true identity.

Written By Tiffani (Comic Realm with Tiffani)


I Am The Night is finally here! based on true events around the Black Dahlia murder and what happened after. Follows a girl named Patty ( India Eisley )who is a mixed raced girl in Nevada. Recently she has been followed by a white man in a black car and soon finds out she is not the person who she thought she was. She soon finds out that her name is not Patty, it is Fauna Hodel. Fauna confronts her mother Jimmy Lee ( Golden Brooks ) and also finds out Jimmy Lee isn’t her real mother and her family is from California, but also warns her not to pursue any more information. Fauna later seeks out to find more information and finds a number that could be her grandfather, as she calls her grandfather requests for her to come down to Los Angeles. Fauna takes the offer and leaves for California.

The series also brings another main character in the series, a tabloid reporter named Jay Singletary ( Chris Pine ), who suffers with PTSD and is trying to gain back respect, due to his coverage on the Black Dahlia Murder and the Hodel family which he accused of George Hodel, a respected Doctor in the Hollywood community who was one of the prime suspects on the case.  I Am the Night is a limited series written by Sam Sheridan and directed by Patty Jenkins who also directed Wonder Woman and the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984  brings a mystery in a time period in Los Angeles that unfolds a young woman’s life discovering about truth about her family and her biological mother, and  a reporter who is haunted by his past and a career.

The Vanishing

The story follows three lighthouse keepers James Ducat (Gerard Butler), Thomas Marshall (Peter Mullen), and Donald McArthur (Connor Swindells) who stay on a remote isolated island. They find a hidden trunk filled with gold, which leads a burden of unexpected guests.

Not only this movie is a thriller, but its also based on true events and inspired by The Flannan Isles Mystery of 1900, of three lighthouse keepers who disappeared without a trace. In the movie, you follow three of the main characters, as they settle in the lighthouse, they come upon a dead body and a trunk filled with gold. James Ducat and Donald McArthur are very pleased on what they found, but Thomas Marshall fears that there might be unexpected visitors who may be in search of the gold. As the Lighthouse keepers fight to stay alive from the intruders, someone among there group is as well a danger to their own lives.

In theaters January 4th 2018 and available On-Demand


Movie Directed by: Kristoffer Nyholm, Written: Celyn Jones, Joe Bone

Article by: Tiffani Jaramillo (Comic Realm with Tiffani

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Netflix might have just changed the game in movie watching. Black Mirror fans are in for a great ride on this new interactive movie. Like every episode of the show, this movie will have your mind spinning and suspense at an all time high. not only will you be wondering what is going to happen next but you actually pic the outcome of this movie, it has five important alternate endings and with every choice you make you become more and more involved in this film.

There are plenty of video games out there where our choices depict the outcome of the game but could this be the future of the film industry? would it work with all genres of movies? Probably not but it does add a special something and it keeps people off of their phones while watching. It can even be turned into a fun new way to watch movies with friends and family.

Now Available on Netflix

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Trailer

Directed by David Slade, Written by Charlie Brooker, Produced by Russell McLean

Original air date 28 December 2018, Running time Variable (90 minutes for default path)

Article by, Jose Anaya Jr


98.7 Big Adventure Festival

Where do I start?…. Well this was my first ever concert/ comic convention like event I ever covered, I have covered many Comic conventions for over 6 years, and well I got to say Alt. 98.7 Big Adventure Festival was a nice change from all the others, lots of entertainment and a variety of things to hit up. You had stand-up comedy/concert stage in one area, a cosplay area, a comic exhibition at another and also an entertainment stage covering shows and podcasts and many others. I was very excited for the first day of the two day event, I got to see some old friends and made some new friends, got to see some amazing stand-up from Patton Oswald and Jim Jefferies whom I never thought I would get to see on stage but now I have and also seeing other amazing comedians.

I also hit up the Artist Alley stage, it was most interesting as they had panels such as music influencing comics, Image Comics live draw, and Breaking into Comics, got to hear from comic book artists and writers on how they got their start in the industry. The exhibition was like a mini comic con, with many artists and merchandise you can get at the booths, I saw many of my friends that I made at past comic conventions at booths promoting their awesome work. Not only the event was promoting a Comic Con/ music event, you also had the crowd participating in the cosplay a well, seeing Spider-man, Super Mario, and many others at the event playing video games at the arcade area and other participants checking out the Larping area (Role play sword fighting).

When I first saw the line up for the bands that were playing on stage each night I had no clue on who the bands were. I only knew two such as Modest Mouse and Cold War Kids because of radio hits, So when I saw the many bands that played at the event such as Echos, Party Nails, Phantogram, and Empire of the Sun, I was so blown away from the performances that I added them on my Spotify playlists. All and all the event was amazing and a great change from other comic conventions that i have been to and I cannot wait for the 2nd annual of Big Adventure Festival.

Comic Realm with Tiffani

Tiffani Jaramillo

Halloween 40th Anniversary

Over the weekend i had the opportunity to go to the Halloween 40th Anniversary convention in Pasadena, it was a very last minute invite from a friend, so i had no means to work at that con, but I was curious to ask the actors that I was most fond of such as P.J. Soles ( Original Halloween, Rock N Roll High School, Carrie, and Stripes) Sasha Jenson ( Halloween: 4, Dazed and Confused, The Ghoullies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Scout Taylor-Compton (Rob Zombie Halloween 1&2, The Runaways, Obsessed) I felt lucky that they had agreed to talk with me it was awesome to get to know them a little on a different level and also talk about there experience on the set of Halloween movies that they had been on and how they felt about the franchise has grown. I also talked about there other films that have done in the past and what they are up to now. It was such a convention and got to meet a lot of cool people, I would TOTALLY go to another Halloween con and you should try to go as well!

You can check out my interviews with these fellow actors on my youtube channel: Comic Realm with Tiffani

and or listen on Spotify and Apple Podcast: Comic Realm with Tiffani

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Tiffani Jaramillo

An Evening with Kevin Smith at San Diego Comic Con 2018

On July 21, 2018, Saturday evening in Hall H of San Diego Convention, Kevin Smith hosted an unforgettable night, starting off with Kevin receiving the Comic-Con International’s Inkpot Award, presented by Director of Programming Eddie Ibrahim. Kevin given the award, it was a very special moment for him, for the award meant a lot as he thanked all of his fans and Comic-Con International for the support that was given to him.  As he reminisced about his career and how grateful he was, he talked about his recent health incident. The Widowmaker that almost took his life, he gave the audience a detailed story of what had happened and what the doctor diagnosed, and talked about his fear of death at first and referenced it to the comic book story of Sandman written by Neil Gaiman and came to the conclusion that he would have left the world satisfied, because accomplished and followed his dream and made it into a career that he loved.

Towards the end of his story, he gave his respects to the late Jon Schnepp who recently died and Kevin Smith gave a moment of silence to pay tribute to a fallen friend. Smith then lightens the mood talking about some of his projects, including the one that everyone is waiting for; Jay and Bob the Reboot, which production has started. Also Hollyweed, a new series and Kevin’s first lead role. He gave the audience a full screening of the pilot episode, the show is run through streaming service Rivit Tv, a new way of streaming, which Rivit Tv promotes the pilot and gives the show 45 days to raise money from fans for a new episode, so it is up to fans to keep Hollyweed alive! Go check out Rivit Tv and donate to Kevin Smith’s new series!

Thank you to Rivit Tv for inviting All About Entertainment Network and Comic Realm with Tiffani Podcast to Hall H with Kevin Smith!

Check out the Hollyweed pilot episode free, click the link below:

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Tiffani Jaramillo ( Comic Realm with Tiffani)

Saban Films Presents: The Super

Directed by Stephen Rick, written by John J Mclaughlin, and from the producer of Law and Order, Dick Wolf alongside Brett Forbes, Patrick Rizzotti and Tom Thayer brings you a perfect film to watch as Halloween approaches, The Super brings a scary thriller that keeps you guessing until the end.

The Super is about a Former cop Phil Lodge played by Patrick Flueger takes a job as a superintendent in a Manhattan apartment building. When a teen goes missing, along with several other tenants, Phil suspects a sadistic murderer may be roaming the eerie corridors and that his daughters' lives are in danger. Phil Lodge is not the only person doing maintenance, Walter played by Val Kilmer a very strange person who not only roams the halls but also does cryptic chants, that puts him in Phil’s radar as a suspect to the happenings in the building.

So prepare as you watch The Super as it keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing with a huge twist at the end that reminded me of a Twilight Zone homage.

The Super will be opening in theaters and On Demand, Friday, October 19, 2018


Written by: Tiffani Jaramillo

Host of Comic Realm with Tiffani Podcast


Writer for All About Entertainment Network



Rebelution is currently on tour for their new album "Free Rein". ALL TOUR DATES

LOCATION - Pacific Amphitheater, Costa Mesa CA 

pacific ampitheater.jpg

Openers for Rebelution include, Dj Mackle , Zion-I , Common Kings , Stephen Marley.

Common Kings

common kings.jpg

Common Kings came out after Zion-I and did not miss a beat while getting the crowd ready for Stephen Marley and Rebelution. Not only were they one of the supporting acts but they were also celebrating the release of their new EP ONE DAY, AVAILABLE HERE


Here they are performing "Marry Wanna" from their album Lost In Paradise

Stephen Marley

stephen marley.jpg

Following a great set by Common Kings, Stephen Marley came out and did not Disappoint the crowd. Stephen performed original songs but did not fail to include some of Bob Marley's Classic Songs.. Video Below is of Stephen Marley Performing "Stir It UP" 


Now for the headliners of the show. The theater goes dark for a moment and you can feel the anticipation of the crowd who have been drinking and smoking in preparation for the better part of the concert grow, when the stage suddenly glows with blue lights as they walk out to perform. ( VIDEO BELOW)

Through out their set they were playing songs from previous albums while also including their newest songs from their new album "Free Rein"  (AVAILABLE HERE). The even mix of new and old songs made sure that the fans would not leave disappointed. at the end of their set they brought out Common Kings to to close out the show. (VIDEO BELOW)


As you can already tell from the previous clip above, the crowd still was not quite ready to go home.  The cheers and thunderous sounds of hands clapping against the seats was enough to bring the band back out for a few more songs and some free Frisbee for the lucky fans who caught one.. before i leave you with the clip, i would highly recommend seeing any of these bands. Go ahead and check out the rest of the Tour Dates ( Link Here) and pick up some tickets.  You will have a great time.  

Article submitted by" 
Jose Anaya,Writer and Podcaster
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