Episode 74: Tournament The Movie

I don't know how I was lucky enough to be brought in on this cult classic!?!?

I got the chance to view this card shop life/mtg inspired film and talk with the creative people behind the film. This movie is defiantly for fans and it all shows in the writing. Calling this a passion project would be such an understatement of the love and time everyone put into this project.

Join the 3 of us as we dive deep into the mind of the director as we discover what it took to make this movie as well as what they hope to make next.

Check the website below and see if a screening near you will be happening any time soon.

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This week we are joined by both parts of SVLF aka Savage Life clothing.
Last time it was just Brian Franco and that was cool but I just felt like we were missing something. So in this episode the other half of SVLF stops by the show to give us his side of the story.

Check um out

IG: @svlf_official

Episode 70: Nerd On The Podcast

On this brand fresh episode of the podcast I go over to the Nerd On! The Podcast head quarters and interview the team.

Join me as I learn about what it takes to run a totally unique and one of a kind show such as Nerd On! The Podcast. My curiosity was peeked because 4 people host the show at once. I have never had a co-host for my show so I had lots of questions that needed answers.

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Episode 69 (haha): Back Stage With Kashi of I & I Brewing

This is a very special episode because it is Episode 69 and I laughed very hard when I realized I even got to this number lol.

About a week ago I got the opportunity to go back stage at a Fortunate Youth show in Pomona California. My good friends over at I & I brewing company let me hang out with them and experience something that I have never done before. This as I chat with Kashi one of the owners of I & I brewing.