Gaming With an Opinion: Episode 2

Super Original I know but at least we are finding our way.

Thats right everyone we finally have a name for the show.
This week we talk about
-gaming mice
Do you need an expensive mouse??
-new and up coming games
God of War and the new Nintendo stuffs
-the never ending KevyPoo Gauntlet
When is the next event and how you can be a part


This week we are joined by both parts of SVLF aka Savage Life clothing.
Last time it was just Brian Franco and that was cool but I just felt like we were missing something. So in this episode the other half of SVLF stops by the show to give us his side of the story.

Check um out

IG: @svlf_official

Episode 70: Nerd On The Podcast

On this brand fresh episode of the podcast I go over to the Nerd On! The Podcast head quarters and interview the team.

Join me as I learn about what it takes to run a totally unique and one of a kind show such as Nerd On! The Podcast. My curiosity was peeked because 4 people host the show at once. I have never had a co-host for my show so I had lots of questions that needed answers.

Find them on


Batman Rogues Gallery

This week on the podcast I have a very special episode for you that features four artists from the most recent art show at the one and only Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton California.

Learn a little about the mediums the artists chose to create the pieces they show cased and who inspired them to create these one of a kind pieces of art.

Big shout out to our fearless leader Shannon @shannonchristine85 for getting this entire thing all put together.

We would also be nothing without the @comicbookhideout and the amazing wonder women herself Glynnes.

In featured order

Episode 69 (haha): Back Stage With Kashi of I & I Brewing

This is a very special episode because it is Episode 69 and I laughed very hard when I realized I even got to this number lol.

About a week ago I got the opportunity to go back stage at a Fortunate Youth show in Pomona California. My good friends over at I & I brewing company let me hang out with them and experience something that I have never done before. This as I chat with Kashi one of the owners of I & I brewing.


Episode 68: Kevypoo Joins The Team

I am very excited to announce that Kevypoo aka Kevin has joined the Nerd With an Opinion Podcasting team. This will be my first time with a consistent co-host and I couldn't be more excited that my boy Kevin is that person. Together we will bring you present you with everything nerdy and geeky but with much more of that gamer flavor that tends to lack around here.



Episode 67: Nighthawk Counters

In this brand fresh episode I talk with the one and only Talon the man behind the amazing life counters over at Nighthawk Counters.
These hand made counters are perfect for Magic The Gathering players of any skill set. Made from laser cut wood and assembled by Talon these bad boys are worth the small price tag.

Check all his work out on

Instagram @nighthawkcounters



Episode 66: Savage Life

This week I am joined by half of the team over @Svlf_offical better known as Brian Franco. We learn about his inspirations and influences in the industry and what it all took to get the brand off the ground from trial to error.

Big thanks to I&I brewing in Chino California

Shout out to everyone over at SVLF