Episode 73: Super Bud

I am joined by the writer of Super Bud an Indie comic that focuses on obtaining super powers by.... yep you guessed smoking the pots.

I don't read many new/modern comics but this one caught my eye right away. Not only because of the title but the art work is great and the writing is something that really shines in the context of the story.

Join the three of us as we learn about what it takes to put out an Indie comic and how the idea of Super Bud came to be.

I highly suggest downloading this book and keeping it as part of your digital collection.

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Episode 72: The Comic Book Hideout

This episode was recorded on a very special day known only as FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

I was lucky enough to sit down with the always wonderful Glynnes of the one and only Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton California. She fills us in on the all the events that the store hosts and she gives us a bit of insight into what she does as the store owner. Last but not least we talk about the wonder that is Free Comic Book Day.

Find the Hideout here


Episode 68: Kevypoo Joins The Team

I am very excited to announce that Kevypoo aka Kevin has joined the Nerd With an Opinion Podcasting team. This will be my first time with a consistent co-host and I couldn't be more excited that my boy Kevin is that person. Together we will bring you present you with everything nerdy and geeky but with much more of that gamer flavor that tends to lack around here.



Episode 67: Nighthawk Counters

In this brand fresh episode I talk with the one and only Talon the man behind the amazing life counters over at Nighthawk Counters.
These hand made counters are perfect for Magic The Gathering players of any skill set. Made from laser cut wood and assembled by Talon these bad boys are worth the small price tag.

Check all his work out on

Instagram @nighthawkcounters



Too Fast Too Loud Art Show with Kat and Sam

What I have for your ears to munch on today is a set of interviews one following the next. 
The first half is with the wonderful Katy Carranza one of the master minds behind the 2018 Too Fast Too Loud Art Show in Pomona California.
We get a deeper perspective on how she views art and what she opes to provide for local artists.

The second half of the cast is with Sammy Ruiz one of the many talented artists featured at the show. Sam gives us a unique look at his influences and what inspires him to create.

You can find Kat on
IG @kckat918

You can find Sam's work by following one of his many links

Episode 64: Manuel Garcia and the Punk Rock Art Show

I sit down with returning guest Manuel Garcia better known as @thispunkguy.
I first met up with Manuel during his very first art show at the Comic Book Hide Out in Fullerton. After having an amazing conversation I knew I had to have him come back on to tell us all about his up coming event in Pomona.... Saturday Jan 13th.

Lend us those ears

Find him here
and on his website