Gaming With an Opinion Episode 5

You better check yo self before the Mean Lawyer gets on your case!!

That little intro was for our special guest we have on the show the one and only Diana Qiao (@dianaqiao) an almost lawyer (needs to pass the bar) who focuses entirely on the video game industry.
Kevin and I had lots of questions that we needed answer to!
-Contracts as an esports player?
-What is The Gaming Bar Association?
and of course we needed to get her gaming background and history.

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Episode 74: Tournament The Movie

I don't know how I was lucky enough to be brought in on this cult classic!?!?

I got the chance to view this card shop life/mtg inspired film and talk with the creative people behind the film. This movie is defiantly for fans and it all shows in the writing. Calling this a passion project would be such an understatement of the love and time everyone put into this project.

Join the 3 of us as we dive deep into the mind of the director as we discover what it took to make this movie as well as what they hope to make next.

Check the website below and see if a screening near you will be happening any time soon.

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Gaming With An Opinion Episode 4

This week we get a little nostalgic and look into what it would cost to grab an old school GameBoy Color and a copy of some of your favorite childhood games.
The prices will blow you away.

Kevin provides us with our gaming news and informs us about some up and coming titles. As always we get a Kevvy Poo Gauntlet update and much much more in this brand new episode.

Episode 73: Super Bud

I am joined by the writer of Super Bud an Indie comic that focuses on obtaining super powers by.... yep you guessed smoking the pots.

I don't read many new/modern comics but this one caught my eye right away. Not only because of the title but the art work is great and the writing is something that really shines in the context of the story.

Join the three of us as we learn about what it takes to put out an Indie comic and how the idea of Super Bud came to be.

I highly suggest downloading this book and keeping it as part of your digital collection.

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Gaming With An Opinion: Episode 3

In episode two we talked about the Nintendo Cardboard better known as the Nintendo Labo. 
In this episode Kevins shows up with some sales numbers and it threw me for a loop.
I learn more about Twitch and everything the site has to offer and of course we cover the future of the Keevy Poo Gauntlet.

Episode 72: The Comic Book Hideout

This episode was recorded on a very special day known only as FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

I was lucky enough to sit down with the always wonderful Glynnes of the one and only Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton California. She fills us in on the all the events that the store hosts and she gives us a bit of insight into what she does as the store owner. Last but not least we talk about the wonder that is Free Comic Book Day.

Find the Hideout here


Gaming With an Opinion: Episode 2

Super Original I know but at least we are finding our way.

Thats right everyone we finally have a name for the show.
This week we talk about
-gaming mice
Do you need an expensive mouse??
-new and up coming games
God of War and the new Nintendo stuffs
-the never ending KevyPoo Gauntlet
When is the next event and how you can be a part