Episode 48 | Jorge Perez & Dre Casas

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! Jorge Perez and Dre Casas stop by to talk about their passions and multiple career paths along with their thoughts on medical marijuana and insight on different aspects of life

Episode 43 | FCC Can't Control What We See

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! Justin and I talk about some MMA greats and Mike Tyson, along with depression and the possibility of the internet becoming like cable and the effects of that happening.

Episode 40 | MMA, La Mirada Pride and Drugs

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! We talk about the recent UFC fights and upsets, How great the city of Lamirada is, why or why not all drugs should be made legal in the united states and it gets a bit heated.

Episode 39 | Sense Of Security, Self Awareness And Nonsense

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! We give our opinions on religion, pussification in our society, how media affects our outlook on life, alien theories and pride in our country

Episode 37 | LV Shooting And Gun Control

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! We talk about the shooting that happened in Las Vegas, talk about some of the theories that have sprung up about it. we also discuss gun control and what we think should be done to try to prevent these kind of things from happening again.

Episode 36 | Sheldon Bonada From Mind Meld

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! Good Friend Sheldon Bonada from Mind Meld joins me and Justin to talk about his band, drugs tolerance, how he got into music and so much more.