Episode 59 | Clearing the air with Mike Padilla

ON THIS EPISODE! Mike Padilla joins me to clear the air about how a show got started, how he dealt with being a diabetic in the past year, and we go off on rants about a whole lot more!

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Episode 56 | SDCC review Ft Patrick and Tiffani

ON THIS EPISODE! This is Part 2 or the continuation of our San Diego Comic Con trip, part 1 can be found on Comic Realm w/ Tiffani and part 3 can be found on Pop Culture Forcast W/ Patrick 

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Episode 55 | Evan Manriquez and ADUB Part 2

ON THIS EPISODE! This is Part 2 and Even tells his storie of what exactly happened in Arizona with his drug addiction, living in a trap house, getting arrested, bed bugs, but still managed to keep his love of music alive after it all. THIS ONE GETS DEEP and CRAZY!

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Episode 54 | Evan Manriquez and A-DUB Part 1

ON THIS EPISODE! Part 1 . Evan and Alex join me and we talk about music, stories from when they use to tour while their time being apart of the band 80Proof and it is non stop laughter.

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Episode 51 | Aaron LaFarge

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODES!  Aaron LaFarge drops by to talk about his time wrestling in highschool and college. transitioning into his MMA career, hunting and culture change when he moved to montana.

Episode 50 | Mason Ruiz

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! Mason Ruiz from Eye In I Music Stops by to talk about the origins of the band, Meaning behind the name of the band, and a little bit about mental health.

Episode 48 | Jorge Perez & Dre Casas

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! Jorge Perez and Dre Casas stop by to talk about their passions and multiple career paths along with their thoughts on medical marijuana and insight on different aspects of life