Episode 51 | Aaron LaFarge

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODES!  Aaron LaFarge drops by to talk about his time wrestling in highschool and college. transitioning into his MMA career, hunting and culture change when he moved to montana.

Episode 50 | Mason Ruiz

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! Mason Ruiz from Eye In I Music Stops by to talk about the origins of the band, Meaning behind the name of the band, and a little bit about mental health.

Episode 48 | Jorge Perez & Dre Casas

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! Jorge Perez and Dre Casas stop by to talk about their passions and multiple career paths along with their thoughts on medical marijuana and insight on different aspects of life

Episode 36 | Sheldon Bonada From Mind Meld

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! Good Friend Sheldon Bonada from Mind Meld joins me and Justin to talk about his band, drugs tolerance, how he got into music and so much more.

Episode 26 | The Return Of The Podcast

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! After months of being on hold, The HurrayforJose podcast is back with guest Mike Padilla from Hunt for the Paranormal Podcast

Episode 24 | The Ted Bundy Experience

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! High school friend and band member of the "Ted Bundy Experience" Kevin Burnip sits down with me to talk about how he got started in music and how he got his nickname that has stuck with him years after. we also talk about all the silly and dumb things we did in highschool and some crazy teachers we had

Episode 21 | Justin Castellanos Pt2

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! PART 2 of EPISODE 20….Justin Castellanos joins me in an amusing conversation about stories our past, gun control, equal rights, partying, and loads more