Episode 55 | Evan Manriquez and ADUB Part 2

ON THIS EPISODE! This is Part 2 and Even tells his storie of what exactly happened in Arizona with his drug addiction, living in a trap house, getting arrested, bed bugs, but still managed to keep his love of music alive after it all. THIS ONE GETS DEEP and CRAZY!

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Episode 54 | Evan Manriquez and A-DUB Part 1

ON THIS EPISODE! Part 1 . Evan and Alex join me and we talk about music, stories from when they use to tour while their time being apart of the band 80Proof and it is non stop laughter.

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Episode 53 | Nerd With An Opinion

ON THIS EPISODE! Dillon Mora from Nerd With An Opinion joins Tiffani Jaramillo, Mike padilla, Patrick Bonfrisco and myself at Unsung Brewery in Anaheim CA. we talk about podcasting, Dillons Podcast, along with a bit of stories of our lives.

Dillon Mora Instagram - @nerdwithanopinion

Nerd With An Opinion Podcast

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Episode 52 | New Network Same Fun

ON THIS EPISODE! Justin Castellanos and Eli Marron join me to talk about a podcast they want to start, MMA, a few different conspiracies and some personal stories.

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Episode 51 | Aaron LaFarge

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODES!  Aaron LaFarge drops by to talk about his time wrestling in highschool and college. transitioning into his MMA career, hunting and culture change when he moved to montana.

Episode 39 | Sense Of Security, Self Awareness And Nonsense

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! We give our opinions on religion, pussification in our society, how media affects our outlook on life, alien theories and pride in our country

Episode 36 | Sheldon Bonada From Mind Meld

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! Good Friend Sheldon Bonada from Mind Meld joins me and Justin to talk about his band, drugs tolerance, how he got into music and so much more.

Episode 35 | Justin Castellanos, Mike Padilla and RBF

ON THIS WEEKS EPISODE! Justin and Mike join me to talk about police brutality and how it can be avoided, parenting a child who is getting bullied, RBF and RBJ. IT GETS GOOD!!