Red Sparrow


This week Tim and Patrick take their turns talking about a certain small handed, cheeto lookin’ president’s favorite topic, all things RUSSIAN! They dive into the spy game, change their hair color, and get into the inner workings of this week’s movie, Red Sparrow!

Some interesting discussion on some possible casting wishes leads the boys down an interesting road that Hollywood really should take a listening to. And the show wouldn’t be the show without a little talk about some trailers to spur future talks!

Pozhaluysta! (You’re Welcome)



Tim and Patrick become one in this week’s episode of H&V! The two, now one, take a stroll through the shimmer to ruin the english language, see some pretty colors, horrifying creatures, and to face their, ours, and probably your biggest creepiest fears in this week’s review of Annihilation!

A new game is introduced that might spin off some interesting discussions down the road. And, of course, the single-entity guys take a look at what is coming to theaters soon to find out what they are most interested in seeing next.

We love you Natalie!!!

Strange Brew

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Tim & Patrick are joined this week by the Stranger Brews boys, Dallas Wood and Josh Nelson, on a beer filled trip down an old nostalgic lane up in the Great White North, eh,  as they review Strange Brew (1983).

The guys talk about other pieces of 80s movie pop culture and movies that shaped them into the man-boys they are. If you thought last weeks game of Connect the Dots was hard, you ain’t seen nothing yet, eh!!!