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Thanks for 4DX for a special screening of Marvel's Ant-man and the Wasp in Screen X with my network partners Hurray for Jose Podcast and Nerd with an Opinion Podcast. 

fair warning there are SPOILERS!



Episode 30 | Jared Leto Cast as Marvel Villain Morbius

Jared Leto to be Morbius in the Spider-Man's Marvel Cinematic universe and I give you my opinion about that and this month's comic book reviews and much more!


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Episode 26 | Krystle Starr!!!!

Special Guest Krystle Starr! we talk cosplaying, star trek, comic cons, and also her new projects such as her upcoming comic book and also a new online game Star Fleet Adversaries!

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Episode 25 | Cobra Kai and Infinity War SPOILERS!!!!!

On today's I give you full REVIEWS/SPOILERS on Youtube Red: Cobra Kai and Marvel's: Avengers: Infinity I need to say more??????!!!!!!

Enjoy =)
Comic Realm with Tiffani

Episode 23 | Pacific Rim: Uprising 4DX Private Screening Review!

Returning guest Mike is back and we talk about our AMAZING experience at the 4DX Headquarters in Hollywood where we had a private screening of Pacific Rim: Uprising!....sorry had a bit of technical difficulties the first 5 minutes but i hope ya'll enjoy!

Episode 22 | Kyle Higgins of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Wonder Con 2018

Got to meet up with Kyle Higgins writer of Boom! Studios Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and we talk about the upcoming Shattered Grid and much more!

Episode 21 | TBS FINAL SPACE: Tika Sumpter Wonder Con 2018

Tiffani talks with Tika Sumpter, who plays Quinn in the hit TBS show Final Space, we talk about her character and about the challenges of doing voice acting vs. on-screen acting and what she likes about the character she plays and much more!

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Episode 20 | Larry Houston Producer/Director of the animated series X-MEN

Wonder Con 2018 I had the honor of interviewing Larry Houston, Producer/Director of the Greatest 90s comic book cartoon: the X-MEN ANIMATED Series! We talked about how it all started, what his favorite comic books, crossovers and much more!

Episode 19 | Power Rangers Blue Ranger David Yost at Wonder Con!

At Wonder Con i got to interview the ORIGINAL BLUE RANGER David Yost of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!!!! We talk about of course Power Rangers, the Comic books from Boom! Studios and also the new upcoming series of Shattered Grid and much more!

Episode 18 | Nick Cage playing Superman in new DC Movie!

Check it out as I talk about Nicholas Cage's new role in Teen Titans Go! and also Kristen Wiig's new gig as well! a mini review on Jessica Jones Season 2 and also Netflix's The End of the F*** World. Also the latest new comic books of this week and some old!

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Episode 17 | David Bowie Tribute!

Let's talk Bowie!
joined by my good friend Kim as we talk about her tribute concert for David Bowie and his most beloved film Labyrinth and also Boom! Studios comic books of the movie prequel and much more!

Episode 16 | Kevin Smith Heart Attack!!!!

Holy Crap Kevin Smith, Don't leave us its not your time to go! I talk about the latest of whats happening to Kevin Smith and all the well wishes! Stan Lee has also fallen ill and I finally tried that Mulan Szechuan Sauce and give my honest opinion about it and also give you my latest Comic Book Pull List!

Episode 15 | New Comic Book Day!!!!!!!

Happy New Comic Book Day!
Today I cover the new releases for this week and also last week releases of your favorite comics!
Kill Or Be Killed #16
X-Men RED #1
Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1
Snotgirl #9
Mother Panic Batman Milk Wars #1
Coyotes #4
Shade the Changing Girl Wonder Woman #1
and much more!